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My frustrating camera adventures from the S9 to the s10

(Topic created on: 01-03-2020 04:15 AM)
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Hello, I just needed a place to vent. 


I make guitar videos for Instagram/YouTube/patreon and was using the S9 for a little over a year to do them. It worked beautifully, quality was great and no hassle whatsoever. Because of the nature of the material, the front facing camera was the only one I used, as I could easily see the angle of the shot and make sure everything was visible all the time. Then, my screen decided to not work by turning green/black randomly. It started out happening once every few days, then every time the screen was on. I decided to get something new to avoid any hassle down the road.

Verizon offered me a deal on the LG G8 so I went with that, figuring it would be fine. It was not. The front facing camera was noticeably worse in general quality and clarity, and the microphone in that phone was absolutely atrocious. The audio was constantly peaking and heavily compressed, essentially sounding like a terrible webcam microphone. Because some of my videos are recorded casually with phone audio, this was not going to work. I went back and got the S10.

Front facing camera looks good, audio sounds good, everything is good! I finish some recordings and then pop the videos into Premiere and start to edit, when I notice the audio and video are completely out of sync. Shorter clips are manageable, but extra-long videos are impossible to ever sync up perfectly, regardless of the audio being from the phone or from a mic into a DAW. I remember running into this issue with an older super cheap phone that I had probably 5 years ago, which is variable frame rate. Now I have to go through the extra step of fixing it with third party software, or buying the newest Premiere.

Again the S9 was PERFECT. I have recorded and edited probably 50 hours of video with the S9 and never ran into a sync issue. Why this is not the case with the S10 deeply angers me. Thank you for listening.


Try to change the file format of your video.