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Moving from iPhone

(Topic created on: 06-03-2019 12:57 AM)
Galaxy S10 Series

Hello Samsung Community!
I hope you are all having a wonderful day where you are, and that you are as excited (if not more so) for the release of the new Samsung Galaxy phones on Friday and to getting your hands on your preorders whether you ordered from Samsung directly or your carrier like I did. 

I have made a decision to move from Apple iPhones to the realm of the better phones, and I chose Samsungs latest flagship over any other brand. This decision I think was a wise one and I am super excited to get my hands on my Black Ceramic 512GB S10+ on Friday after placing my preorder through EE. After seeing and trying out the phone in my local Samsung Experience Store I knew it was the one for me. The device feels good in the hand and is not too big, and yes the power button would have been great a little lower down, the screen is just ... incredible ... as is the new cameras.

I apologise in advance that this post is maybe too long, but if you can spend time to read it, and maybe share your stories, it would be good to see where your coming from? I have a question or two at the end and any help will be greatly appreciated. 


Why am I moving to Samsung from iPhone? I have been with iPhone, on and off, for around 7 years and I have seen very little improvement and looking back I was stupid to stick with them for the lack of true innovation and change. The XS for example is really no different to the X... and the price of the phone is just insane. Samsung on the other hand have innovated, improved and revolutionised (in a sense) their technology. Perfecting flaws, perfecting what already was pretty perfect (like the screens and cameras) and they have grabbed the attention of many "iPhone Fans" over the years too.

I love taking photographs on my phone, whether it be from around my hometown or when travelling, whatever, and the iPhone camera has never been 'perfect' and it's over the last few years not really improved in low light or certain scenes or situations. Samsung's cameras have always been great in most, if not every scenario and that for one is one reason I am moving. The cameras on these new devices are the best. The screen also on my iPhone X, being a Samsung panel (correct me if I am wrong) I feel has been limited to an apple defined resolution, which is a shame as it could have been so much better... but maybe still not quite as good as those in Samsung phones. 4K videos on Youtube were never possible on the iOS app, the colours felt a little washed out or wrong to me, where as on Samsung phones they are far more colourful, clear and defined. I overall feel that it's a time for a change, and time to move away from Apple. 

What do you like about the Samsung Galaxy S10? I feel my above paragraphs mainly clear this up, I will sum it up fast. I love the cameras, screen and the design overall of the phone. Also fast charging is a great feature, especially if you need to charge in a hurry! Could be faster, maybe, but still its something Apple hasn't done too well!

What do you dislike (if anything) about the Samsung Galaxy S10? There are two things I've never liked about Samsung's phones since they were made part of the phones software. That will be Bixby and AR Emoji. Bixby doesn't in my mind work as well as it could, and nothing like Google Assistant which does everything. I mean it's even better (no really it is) than Siri from Apple, but does it really even need its own button over (or as well as) voice commands. I think not. AR Emoji, which I don't think is as good as Apple's Animoji/Memoji, its a little less refined and while I feel Apple's is more realistic, Samsung's itteration to me just doesn't look the best. I found out that I cannot remove the Bixby or AR Emoji icons from the Camera app, even after disabling it in the device settings, and this would have been good. I think Samsung (and the other brands) should let us choose if we want it on our phones or not. I know I won't use these features, maybe only once if that, so it would be nice to remove them altogether. 

Why did you go for the Ceramic edition? After my visit to the Samsung Experience Store in Edinburgh, where the S10+ models on display are all Ceramic models, I really liked the way it felt and the weight was not an issue. Looking at the colour differences then on a display in my local EE Store I knew I prefered the ceramic looks over the black glass. As I love to take pictures, watch videos on my phone (some in 4K) and literally have my life on my phone I knew it was the right choice for the memory. Coming from a 512GB iPhone XS too I didnt want to downgrade but rather upgrade, to the same memory space but then have that expandable memory. I don't know when my next upgrade will be, so I thought it's best to be prepared and go for it rather than regret. I will say this, that while I am not entirely a fan of white phones, hence why I went for the black ceramic (or considered the black glass model) the Prismatic white is beautiful! Very cool and something unique (in its own way). 

I have a question regarding SD Cards, and any help given is greatly appreciated. I have been looking on Amazon at Sandisk MicroSD Cards and while I already have the Sandisk Ultra 400GB, is this the best Sandisk 400GB MicroSD Card for write and read speeds for 4K Recording, as I have read different things online saying about the other versions (Extreme and Extreme Pro) being better. I use Sandisk cards on my Digital SLR so I trust them, somewhat, and have not considered the Samsung Evo Plus 512 GB card (that came up on Amazon) and I am not sure if Sandisk is better or not. Which card would you say is the best for me despite already having 512GB (however around 480GB Usable space).

Samsung Maker ★★
Galaxy S10 Series

Hello @James365  and a warm welcome to the community. :smiling-face-with-sunglasses:


Like you I've been using iPhones previously.


For me since the launch of the iPhone 4 upto the iPhone 6+ and when the 7 was released I saw no innovation whatsoever. :thinking-face:

For me Apple were relying on the Apple Logo on the back of the phone to sell it. I saw many new iOS features Apple say were new actually derived from jailbreak tweaks and features added that were already being used on other makes of phones and they just renamed them. :face-with-rolling-eyes:


I was also tired of the way they aggressively sandbox their hardware and software.


Your going to be blown away with how you can customize your new phone and set it up as you want and not the way apple dictates. 


When I first bought a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge I was impressed I could put an app icon where I wanted to on my homescreen. A small thing but paved the way for me.


The screens on these things are unsurpassed imo as well is the level of customisation from the settings , features. Themes , app icon packs and 3rd party launchers. 


I use a Note 9 with 512Gb of onboard storage and to be Frank I no longer use a Sd card as it's not needed in my case !


I back up to various online vaults instead. 


I now use two different network sim cards instead in my Note 9


I'll never fill 512Gb ! :grinning-face-with-one-large-and-one-small-eye:


In regards to the type of Sd card you'll find lots of tech blog sites saying which one they like and the pros and cons in reviews.


I used the Sandisk Extreme version in my previous phone > Samsung Galaxy s8.


My advice is to use the review opinions and go with what your disposable income can afford. 


Bixby has improved imo but it's not a virtual assistant I use personally. Google is the one I use as it responds better to my own usage pattern. 


If you need any support then please don't hesitate to ask in the forum. We're a friendly bunch who don't bite.


Take care.




Daily Driver > Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256Gb in Phantom Black.

The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

Galaxy S10 Series

Bixby can be disabled no problem there

Galaxy S10 Series

im using note 3 and still functionall until today, only cracked screen because i dropped it

well im interest join the upgrade program and switch to s10, because it looks like solid phone with bunch of sick feature.

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Galaxy S10 Series

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