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Moisture detected s10+, overheating, connectivity and bluetooth lost

(Topic created on: 11-08-2019 11:16 PM)
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Hello everyone! 

Since 2 monts i have Samsung Galaxy s10 plus, 128 GB.  I use the phine on my daily basis with rutine staff like browsing, emailing, chatting, etc. The phone is very hot the most of the time even when i use it for 5 minutes chat in Viber. It's so hot that i feel it in my pocket. Sometimes after 20 minutes speaking on it it's so hot that i cannot put it on my face. I'm worried about this. The other strange thing is that i bought samsung car charger in order to charge my phone in my car. One morning after 20 minutes of driving some very scare alert notify me with sound and text that i should remove the charger because of moisture detected in usb port. This was firstly very unplesant because of the scariest sound when i'm focused on my driving and then because the phone never be touched by water or other liquids. From 2 weeks ago i'm loosing signal and cannot calling people by phone. I must restart the deviceand then i can connect. Also the Bluetoth connectivity sometimes is lost with my galaxy fit or Alpine car system.  I read about in US community about this problems and some of the people had returned their phone and replaced with new one. And on the new one no such a problems. I'm from Bulgaria and i wrote directly to Samsung Bulgaria and i'm waiting for their desision. I hope they will replace my phone but this is Bulgaria and nothing is right. If anyone have the same issues with the phone? 

Is it right to think that Samsung should replace the phone not to repair because is on 2 monts?

I will update you, but please share your experience?

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Hello everyone,
The phone is in an Autoriazed Service and i'm waiting for the desicion. The lady on the reception told me that they do not make replacement, they only repairing and repairing. They have situation with 3 issues at the same phone at the same mont.

I know that we, the people in Bulgaria do not have rights like the other European people, but i will fight.
The phone is brand new and if any hardwere problem now on 2 months, they should replace it.

keep you updated.

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Hi @Ruslan4o 


That's not a good experience at all.  😞


Every country has it's own trading laws and consumer Terms and Conditions so I can only comment on the one's in my country which is the UK.


Here if the phone is displaying issues that cannot be resolved then if the phone has been owned less than 30 days it's swapped out for a new replacement. 


Over 30 days then the option is a repair.


It's been discussed before that phones do heat up more nowadays which can be from a multitude of reasons but it should never heat up that much.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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Hello all,


Today received answer from the service. The main board was defected and replaced with new one. 

I remember i had this situation with my Galaxy Mega. 3 times they replaced this main board before return my money. 

I hope this time they will replace the phone. I don't want money. 

The sad think is that this phone is 2 + months in my  possession.