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LED cover music player shows when no music app is open

(Topic created on: 16-07-2019 01:35 AM)

I'm having issues with the LED cover music player after the android update (some other people have noted having issues with it in another thread


If I don't open any music players everything operates as it did and should, but if I open a music playing app (spotify, podcast addict, etc.) play something, and then close the application, the cover still displays the music controls, and will re-open the app if the controls are touched which is very very irritating.


Is this a ""feature"" or a bug?


Some options for "fixing" this have been noted as:

  • Turn off notifications for music apps
    • Not an option as I do want the controls when I am actually playing music.
  • Force stop the LED cover app after closing music apps
    • This should not be necessary and would also be frustrating.
  • Take off and put back on the cover after closing music apps
    • Frustrating and tricky as the case is well fitted.

Very disappointed in this. I'd been underwhelmed by the support/functionality for the case previously but it did the job to a reasonable level. This is no longer a reasonable level.

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First Poster

Agree, same here, updated software, turned on notifications, everything and still not working