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Its not all doom and gloom... some positive Galaxy S10+ feedback

(Topic created on: 24-03-2019 06:39 AM)
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Galaxy S10 Series

I understand this is a public  forum and  expected to be usually dominated with complaints and problems.  


Personally I am very happy to just be getting a free pair of Samsung buds RRP £139... even if they are in white and don't match my prism black s10+... and even if they might take 30 days to receive.  They are FREE after all.


Also I understand that when I buy a brand new phone on preorder release day... that there may be some minor bugs to overcome... and that is part of the having a brand new phone release... nothing will be perfect from day one... 


Most of these things will be a quick software fix... and not detrimental to the phone hardware.    Personally I have had no problems with the fingerprint sensor..  works perfectly for me.   I have had no problems with the bluetooth.  Also The battery life is outstanding good for the plus model.


In fact I have yet to find anything that does not please me and I am very happy with my s10+ phone.


I received my phone 2 days before my trip abroad to Thailand and have been using it every day.  Highlights for me are...


Camera.   Absolutely superb over my galaxy s8 plus previous phone.  I have been enjoying trying out the different wide lenses as well as some of the live focus and pro mode settings.   For those complaints about the camera... this is a phone and will never complete with an SLR or manual camera.   The picture quality of my holiday snaps have been truly stunning so far. 


Dolby atmos.   What great sound can come from a phone without a bluetooth speaker.   Superb quality and atmospheric effects.   I no longer need to take a speaker on holidays for playing my tunes in hotel room or likewise. 


So that is me... overwhelmingly positive.   I wanted to put this out there so anyone looking to buy don't get a complete image of doom and gloom.


So those that have owned since release.  I am not interested in your complaints but rather 'what are you favourite features ?'  And what do you really like about the s10 series ?   


For the complainers... if you really want to return your phone because of a minor SW bug that can be remedied with a software update... or don't like the idea of a FREE pair of white headphones that need to be slightly patient for... then there are plenty of subjects below ⬇️⬇️ to add your comments to. 


I am still smiling with mine 😀


Smiley 😃x

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Galaxy S10 Series
i have no complaints as such about my S10+ nor do I have a complaint about waiting for my Galaxy Buds in white to match my Prism White S10+ I did have an issue with wifi dropping but Vodafone swapped my phone out and now all seems well.

One of the best features for me is the dual sim. I can have a vodafone business sim card in and a giffgaff personal sim in. I get the option to place the call over sim 1 or sim 2. Same with texts and also I can choose what network to use data over.

Great feature, Its like I have 2 S10+ phones 🙂
Galaxy S10 Series

Like the screen. And Samsung gallery!