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Issue with Colour in S10 Camera

(Topic created on: 14-05-2020 04:29 PM)
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Hi - I am upgrading from my S9 and have now tried both the S20 and the S10 and am finding the same issue with both of their cameras - the colour all has a yellowish tint to it. I have red hair and the camera cannot capture the red - it seems to remove any red / pink tones and replace with yellow. I already spoke to Samsung support for an hour but they kept just trying to get me to factory reset and it's a brand new phone so that clearly didn't change anything. The blue light filter is off, the colours are set to Vivid and the RGB thing does nothing. Is this just an issue with the new software? It also seems like the better light I'm in, such as facing a sunlit window, the worse the colours look. I never had this issue with the S9.