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Is it malware?

(Topic created on: 27-09-2020 10:40 AM)
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I posted about this previously however the situation has changed greatly since then



About a week ago I started getting "faded" websites appearing on my screen.

Screenshot_20200927-035552_One UI Home.jpgthis is my homescreen atm. These "ghost" websites appear for about 2 3 minutes and then disappear.  And then come back after another 5-1 minutes.


At first it was really infrequent. It would happen every few hours but now I can't  get through an hour without it happening 5 6 times.


Also, at first we thought it may be screen burn in or image retention. But if it was either of these, they wouldn't show in the screenshots. 

Furthermore, the ghost website that appears in the background regularly changes. And sometimes its also animated which means it defo can't be burn in or retention


When the site appears, it disappears when i lock the phone but when I unlock it, it will still be there, until it times out after a min or 2. Only to come back after 5-10 mins.


If I open any apps, you can see it through those apps too. See tiktok here. This is when it first started. The website it tried to load wasn't working but since then the websites changed many times



All the "sites" that appear faded on my screen are sites I've never visited before.

Some were adult content. Others are Chinese websites 


I haven't downloaded any apps for months. MCAFEE search is coming through clear aswell as the Samsung device care scan.


Neither detect anything but this isn't normal. It started happening when I installed the new Samsung update. I can't find anything on Google about this. 


Any idea on what I can do?? Any help

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I've not seen this on my phone's but if I did the first thing I'd try is Safe Mode @Shazzzz 


If that didn't help then back up and factory reset but don't reset the phone up via a back up. Try setting it up as a new device first just incase the back up is corrupted.


If its OK without your back up then try syncing your stiff across to see what happens.


Lastly I'd use a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre. 


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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have you try to wipe partition cache?

also you csn reset your phones settings without losing apps or data