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[In-Depth Look #1] Feast Your Eyes on the Future: The Galaxy S10’s Stunning Display

(Topic created on: 01-03-2019 01:30 PM)
Black Belt 
Galaxy S10 Series

With the introduction of the Galaxy S10 line, Samsung Electronics has once again demonstrated how it is steering the future of the smartphone screen. The company’s newest flagships take its display technology to the next level, offering users a more brilliant and realistic picture, along with an in-display camera design that maximizes screen real estate, and a first-of-its-kind Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner.


Put simply, the Galaxy S10 features the most beautiful display that the Galaxy family has ever seen. If you thought you’d seen immersive before, you haven’t seen anything yet.


O So Beautiful

The Galaxy S10 introduces Samsung’s new, 19:9 Infinity-O Display, which maximizes screen space to offer users more room to do more, more comfortably. Bezels have been reduced to create more space for what matters most, like watching movies, reading books, and playing games. In fact, compared to the Galaxy S9, the ultra-slim top bezel has been decreased by more than three times.




To free up even more pixels for users’ content, the Galaxy S10 features an in-display camera design that packs an array of sensors and camera technologies into a small space. Samsung used a proprietary laser cutting technology to carve a tiny hole in the display – while minimizing damage to the surrounding pixels – that would enable users to enjoy all the essential camera and sensor technologies without losing any screen.


Perfecting this aspect of the design enabled Samsung to craft a revolutionary display that covers the entire front of the phone and makes everything from watching a movie to playing games that much more immersive and enjoyable.


In addition, users can trust that whatever activity they’re engaged in, thanks to its use of Gorilla Glass 6, which is twice as durable as Gorilla Glass 5, the Galaxy S10 is built to last.


Cinema Screen

The Galaxy S10’s new Dynamic AMOLED display fosters truly cinematic viewing experiences. Featuring a peak luminance of 1200 nits, the display is capable of producing over 16 million colors (36 percent better color range than SDR), with 100 percent mobile color volume in the DCI-P3 color range.


When tested by the experts at DisplayMate, the Dynamic AMOLED display received a 0.4 Just Noticeable Color Difference (JNCD) score. An improvement on the Galaxy S9’s 0.7 JNCD rating, this score confirms the Galaxy S10’s exceptionally accurate color reproduction. In other words, the colors you see on Samsung’s new smartphones are a near-perfect match to colors in real life.




The company’s latest groundbreaking display is also the first smartphone display in the world to support HDR10+: a next-generation open standard for high dynamic range (HDR) video. HDR10+ support effectively delivers cinema-quality visuals to users’ pockets by enabling compatible content to be depicted precisely as the creators intended. This means that when streaming a favorite film, for instance, colors are more accurate, and the viewing experience is more immersive.


The display utilizes dynamic tone mapping technology to optimize colors from scene to scene, and to produce better contrast between light and dark scenes. It also optimizes brightness levels so that even the smallest details look beautiful, and produces true black colors3 for better shadow detail, even in low-light conditions.


The Galaxy S10’s Dynamic AMOLED display utilizes dynamic tone mapping to produce a brilliant, realistic pictureThe Galaxy S10’s Dynamic AMOLED display utilizes dynamic tone mapping to produce a brilliant, realistic picture

The Galaxy S10’s bright, brilliant screen ensures that colors are crisp even under harsh sunlight. So when you’re out and about or lounging by the pool, the sun won’t stop you from catching up on a favorite show, or checking out that video clip your friend just sent.


Beefed-Up Biometric Security

Embedded beneath the Dynamic AMOLED display is Samsung’s new, in-display Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner,4which offers vault-like security to keep your device safe.


The scanner works by emitting ultrasonic waves that map the unique pattern of your fingerprint by sensing the tiny air gaps between your finger and the screen. That wave data is then sent back to the scanner and analyzed by the phone’s main chipset in order to determine whether it’s a match.




It works in the blink of an eye, and features 3D anti-spoofing technology that applies a machine learning-based algorithm to the on-screen fingerprint to offer a high level of security. This ensures that your phone will only open once it’s registered your physical fingerprint, and not an image of it. Its security is backed by the world’s first FIDO Alliance Biometric Component certification, and it’s been tested to work in the most challenging of conditions, including in sub-zero temperatures and under bright sunlight.


Easy on the Eyes

Comfort is key when it comes to the Galaxy S10, which is why Samsung optimized its newest flagships with innovations that make these beautiful devices even easier on the eyes.


If you regularly check your phone before going to bed, you’re likely familiar with blue light emissions, which studies indicate can affect your sleep. The Dynamic AMOLED display has been certified by the experts at TÜV Rheinland to reduce blue light by a full 42 percent,5 which can help users protect their eyes. Best of all, in addition to making it easier for users to get a good night’s rest, the smartphones’ blue light-reducing technology doesn’t require filters, and won’t compromise the display’s picture quality.


To offer users greater comfort and convenience, each Galaxy S10 also features a comfortable, lightweight design, as well as Samsung’s revolutionary One UI. The latter features a clean, intuitive interface that reduces clutter to help users stay focused, and places important information at the bottom of the display to enable them to comfortably manage their device with one hand. It also includes a built-in Night Mode that optimizes the display for nighttime viewing, and allows users to seamlessly transition to darker environments.


Galaxy S10 Series

I have had a chance to play with the new S10, S10+ and the S10e and I can confirm from my personal experience that the screen is indeed amazing, I was personally afraid that the little hole might affect my experiencing while watching movies but surprisingly this isn't the case :smiling-face:

If I had to replace my phone right now, I would go for the S10 or S10+ :winking-face:


(Full disclosure: I will keep my S9+ for now because my pockets aren't deep enough for yearly replacements. :winking-face: But if it breaks due to my clumsy behaviour I would definitely go for it :smiling-face: ).

Black Belt 
Galaxy S10 Series

Yes, I was well impressed with the screen too. Always preferred S models due to their slightly smaller size but I'm really eying that S10+ now:smiling-face:

Galaxy S10 Series
Me jelly :winking-face:

I had 1.5 hours with the phones and I was most impressed by the blue light filter, unfortunately I couldn't bring it up in the "First Impressions" video I created (Its in dutch so won't share it here ^-^ was in collaboration with my internet provider) because you only notice it after quite some time. But gosh, its so much easier for your eyes without the loss of quality, no idea how the team did it but they managed to do it.