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Impossible to find screen saver for S10

(Topic created on: 30-05-2020 09:15 PM)
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Galaxy S10 Series

Just got the S10 from Metrofone and ordered the recommended xquisite glass tempered glass screen protector, fits great with a back cover but finger print sensor no longer works, won't even let me rest finger print with the protector on. Called them and they're sending another but with no instructions in the box I had to find instructions on youtube, I'm not hopeful it will work but they said they'd offer a refund if it doesn't.


I'm with EE and they recommend Case It clear plastic film screen protector - but no reviews.  Samsung have a clear film on their website but it says it's not available and the review of it is awful!!  And that from the phone manufacturer itself!!?


As a gardener my phone must have a case and screen protector, ideally tempered glass but it's not looking hopeful! I'm hearing things about Whitestone dome but they're very mixed reviews.  Can anyone advise?  Thanks

Galaxy S10 Series
Hi. I'm also looking for one. what would be the best screen Protector for s10 plus. I'm looking for a full coverage one like the one Samsung had given installed on the phone when it was bought. the one from Samsung has the camera part open and not covered. I need a screen protector that allows the finger print scanner to work. please do let me know if you know any good screen protectors. thanks