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I want to record a normal video at normal speed with slow motion (240 fps) slo-mo

(Topic created on: 06-08-2019 12:04 AM)
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  My problem here with the Samsung S10+ is that I can't remove the bracket from a slow motion video. I just want a normal video at normal speed without being forced to have that little window (bracket) of slow motion in the editor. I can't delete it, I can delete one of the two brackets but I'm stuck with just one and is frustrating as hell. They force me to have a few seconds of slow motion but I don't want to. 

  I tried with lot's of other apps to edit the slow-mo video (not super slow mo) but at no avail.

  And the editor is bad, is very bad ! If only what I said above was the only problem. Maybe I want more brackets ! Maybe I want shorter times of slow motion ! And easier to move those annoying brackets ! Better cutting tools ! And the list goes on ...


Samsung get your ***** together ! I could do a normal video at higher than 60 fps with the Iphone 5s for God's sake


And of course please tell me if there is a solution to my problem.