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I know Samsung can do More and Better. So please.....

(Topic created on: 05-02-2021 09:04 AM)
I made a comparison of how the apps are working on Iphone and I'm a samsung user and I can say they are optimizied A LOT better on an Iphone. Samsung is lagging all the time while multitasking or just playing a hard game. I'm streamer youtuber and I can say I started to become a pro player of Pubg Mobile and the Caused lag of screenrecording or heating or just simple lag because the phone is like slowed down really gets my work harder. I feel so sad that one of the MAIN conpetitors of IOS couldn't beat them yet when comes about performance. You worked really well on screens, cameras, menu of and security of the Samsung phones and forgot to take care of performance. Please let me know what do you think about the lagging situation. Thank you for reading my review
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The problem is relatively new in mobile history to have heat problems. I have had phones since the 80s and in the last 10 years have been a contributor on certain Android forums and its only the last year or so has heat shot up the popular topic list. I think technology is the problem. This is because any usage builds up heat. More power CPUs generate more heat when working hard. After a while, to prevent damage the phone will slow to reduce the temperature. In a PC, as processors became more powerful the heat could be controlled by fans and even watercooling but for phones the technology has not changed. All of the components are close to each other and contained in a small sealed environment with nowhere for the heat to escape.
I think we need technology that will address this issue as it will get worse if cpus continue getting more powerful.