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How to use wireless PowerShare on S10 phones

(Topic created on: 13-05-2020 01:01 PM)
Samsung Pro

When you're out and about, using your Galaxy Buds or your Galaxy Watch Active, you might run out of juice.


That's where Wireless PowerShare comes to help, allowing you to charge your wearable devices (and other phones too!) by simply putting them on the back of your S10 device. 


Let's see how to do that!


  1. Drop down the top menu, and select the Wireless PowerShare icon
  2. Click on the icon; a message will appear, showing you the correct position to place the device you want to recharge
  3. Set your phone on a flat surface, with the screen facing down
  4. Put the device you want to charge in the middle of your S10
  5. Check that charging has started

Wireless PowerShare will share energy until the power level is above 30% and will then stop to preserve your S10's battery.


See below how it's done!


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Agreed, I just think there should be a separate place for tips and tricks, because I scroll through this stuff when I'm looking through unanswered questions. I do not deny that this is helpful information, however, eliminating questions before they are asked.