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horrible pictures with the slightest zoom and videos are awful

(Topic created on: 29-09-2023 09:37 AM)
Helping Hand
So I read all the excellent reviews of the s10, I got one in contract for 24 months and my old s7 took better pictures and videos, I reset my phone, tried the camera in safe mode, cleared cache, literally done everything and with a quick google search you realise its a huge issue the camera is awful, Ireland has dull weather a lot and it can't take clear low light photos, its an absolute rubbish camera and even the wide lens looks all distorted, My girlfriend has an iPhone 6s and the camera is miles ahead, Never will I buy another Samsung and yet you do a search of the s20 and it is suppose to have bad quality too, who wants a 100x zoom when I cant even do a 10x zoom without an unrecognisable picture, it amazes me how a phone that was so high priced has an awful camera and literally 100s of people are saying the same and no fix, people's skin colour looks *****, Most reviews must be paid for because there can't be so many people complaining or else there must be a dodgy batch as my camera is nothing like the good reviews, night mode photos are just blurry 



Anyone explain this quality
First Poster
Hi there, I have a Samsung S7 phone. It always take beautiful picture and video and I used a lot the Gold filter that comes with it. A couple of weeks ago I upgrade downloading the samsung sofware and now everything in my camera phone changed for the worse; no more beautiful pictures and videos. The zoom in pictures is awful. The Gold filter doesn't exist anymore. Why Samsung did you remove the gold filter?