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Headset (Jabra 75) Microphone Not Working for _Some_ Apps on Samsung S10 5G

(Topic created on: 24-05-2020 01:47 AM)
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Galaxy S10 Series

Hi All,


I'm struggling with a very peculiar and difficult-to-troubleshoot issue, which I really hope someone can help me with 😞


I've long been able to use my Headset (Jabra 75) Microphone for normally for all apps on my Samsung S10 5G. 


However, recently this changed, and while some apps (e.g. Phone Dialler) still appear to happily use the headset's microphone whenever the headset is bluetooth-paired with the phone, other apps have changed their behaviour in this situation. A couple of notable examples:

* Voice Recorder - will normally play back recorded audio, but the recorded audio is ONLY being recorded through the phone's internal mic and not the connected Jabra 75 headset's speaker.

* Whatsapp and Viber - as above. Only phone's internal mic is used whenever I record or communicate.


Most importantly, the Jabra 75 headset functions perfectly normally on my other devices (i.e. another phone and a Win 10 laptop) - as it has always done, with the headset mic recording normally whenever the headset is bluetooth paired. So it is definitely not the headset, nor is it a permanent problem on the Samsung S10 5G phone itself. This is what makes the issue so difficult to solve.


I've followed all of the steps here, and performed extensive Google-ing with no luck at all, hence am hoping someone from Samsung's team or one of the users on this site can help me out - please:





**** UPDATE ****

I've managed to get more information about this problem: 


- The main apps causing the problem are WhatsApp and Viber, because they have the "record audio clip" functionality. I have confirmed through testing that during any Whatsapp/Viber active conversation, the headset microphone _does_ work normally. However, when recording an audio clip in either app, it does NOT. 


- So I suspect that the issue is one of "headset mic activation" which does not occur in some cases, like the WhatsApp/Viber and Voice Recorder examples.


- Please help - all out of ideas now!