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German Version of Note 10+

(Topic created on: 10/11/19 00:20)
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Looking to upgrade to the note 10+ and going through The phone availble states that its the german version. Cna someone she light on this, as if i travel i would normally get a pay as you go sim card to put in the phone whilst abroad. Is this possilbe? Or would this ohone be locked to EU/ Germany? 

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Superuser I
Galaxy S10 Series

Samsung phones nowadays are region locked so ideally to remove this type of lock a phone call of around 10 minutes to a local number using a local sim card will remove this region lock before it leaves the country of origin @blahblahblah 


I have however seen posts where the region lock hasn't been removed and the owner has managed to get that countries division of Samsung to remotely remove it.


Other things to consider are ....


》 Does the 24 Month Manufacturer Warranty remain valid if you import that phone into your country. Check the Terms and Conditions.


》 Your imported phone may recieve software updates and security updates much slower than usual as your dependent on that countries division sending them out. 


》 Your phone may not be unlocked to all networks. Carefully check the phones description regarding this.


If you intend to buy from a reseller and not directly from Samsung then your phone may not get updates or can be very slow.


Some resellers source their phones from lots of places and are known as grey imports.


If you go ahead then when you get the phone download the phoneinfo app which will show its active CsC and help determine what firmware is on it.


In conclusion if this was me I'd buy a Samsung phone directly from Samsung in my own country 


It maybe a bit more cost but I prefer the peace of mind.....


》 that I can easily remove the region lock.


》 it comes already unlocked to all networks if bought directly from Samsung.


》 my warranty is valid.


》 my updates come directly from Samsung.


I wish you all the best with your choices.  :smiling-face:







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