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Gallery , cloud and facebook

(Topic created on: 15-03-2020 12:11 PM)
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Galaxy S10 Series

Hey there folks,  I've been Samsung for eeeons,   I keep everything synced at all times,  I realise that once synced your gallery kind of becomes your cloud, but my issue comes if I'm on say facebook and I go to sell something on marketplace , when I click photo it only shows me 350 photos  in my gallery out of my over 1000  available , so when I come out of facebook and click on gallery it shows me the whole 1117 pics under All, then if I go to cloud only it drops to 770 ,  anyway  back to marketplace,  if I click on photo and the pic I want isn't in the 350 it shows me then I've to come out and go into gallery,  find the pic and download it and it appears,  

So I'm wondering why originally it's only showing me 350 pics in gallery when I choose to upload a pic on marketplace ?? I'd also note the 350 pics arent just ones taken with my s10+ many of them are from my previous s8+. Any info would be great and appoligies if I've explained it badly