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Galaxy S10e Google Pay problems

(Topic created on: 06-01-2021 05:33 AM)

I got this phone about 2 months ago and I have always been a user of Google Pay (I basically don't use my actual debit card). On my previous phone, Nexus 5, there never were any problems with paying on any terminals. That's a phone from 2013 (7 years old). On the S10e, I have payment errors on daily basis. At first, it seemed to be that I am not using the correct part of the phone, so I try to hold it sideways and it works better, but I still sometimes get an error. However, today an even weirder error happened, where I got a successful checkmark from Google Pay on the phone, but the terminal refused the payment.


What I also observed is that some terminals, for example in Tesco, work 100% of the time.


I also tried without a case and it's the same.


I already contacted my bank and they see no refused payments, therefore I think this is a phone's error. And as I said, my Nexus 5 worked flawlessly (and is still quite a good phone, but S10e is miles better at everything except for making payments)


Do any of you have issues with your S10e/S10 series and Google Pay? Could Samsung Pay maybe work better (I cannot use it in my country though).

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That's certainly an conundrum as Google Pay is working with some terminals and not with others @PLANTROON  ?


Have you been in touch with a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre or gone back to where you purchased the phone back when you first noticed this happening  ?


I assume your not having issues with your NFC connection.


Consider clearing it's cache in Settings, Apps, NFC, Storage,  Clear Cache. And then Data if necessary.


Google Pay works fine with all the terminals I've used on my Note10+ 5G and with my Note 20 Ultra 5G. I'm in the UK on Android 10 Samsung One Ui 2.5. 


If this was my situation I'd Clear it's cache and also data if necessary  in Settings, Apps, Google Pay, Storage, Clear Cache.


Maybe consider deleting your card from Google Pay and reset it back up however as its working with some terminals I'm not convinced this will help to be honest.


You could send a bug report to Samsung detailing which terminals your having issues with. And maybe consider contacting the companies your having issues with their terminals.


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Even when it doesn't work, if I try again, it works. Sometimes it takes 2-3 retries. But it is obviously not ok. I have no idea what I am doing wrong and why the terminal even reports an unsuccessful payment instead of the phone telling me to realign it or retry or something. And yes it seems that it happens with specific terminals. I'll try to note the models so that I have at least some details to report.


Throughout the time and updates and rebranding to Wallet app it got better. Haven't had a broken payment in at least a year.