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Galaxy S10 underwater housing

(Topic created on: 07-07-2020 07:34 AM)
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I was wondering if anybody knows of any underwater housing options for my Galaxy S10. I need the case for scuba diving so needs a minimum depth rating of 40m, found loads for iPhone but nothing for Samsung. 



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Why would you want to dive with your phone anyway? I bought a cheap underwater action cam from ee off Ebay which is waterproof to 60 metres, which I use to take video and photos and leave my phone somewhere safe and secure on the surface.  Not worth the risk of an expensive phone cracking under the pressure at depth, or water leaking in, or losing it mate I think personally.  The least stuff to worry about when you jump in the better. Better off leaving the phone behind.  🙂

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I would suggest to keep conducting a search @Jadams1091  as I'm sure there will be something that suits your needs.


It's up to you what you want to do with your phone and as the phone is compact , small and has a pretty good camera then why not use what you already have and not go the the expense of buying something to use.


I wish you all the best with your search.



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Interesing one on Indiegogo:


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Hi there, have u found suitable case for your Samsung S10+? Im searching as well. 

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I tried the Nautical Ghostek case for it. It worked for four days free diving at around six to ten feet in open ocean water. On the fifth day the seams didn't seal correctly and there was a leak that made my handset toast from the ocean water. 

It has a clam shell design so not reliable over time I suppose. I messaged the company and they just wanted to send me another case and had no interest in seeing what caused the issue. Thanks for not much, Ghostek.

Looking at getting a gopro style cam instead that can upload via built in wifi to phone with remote trigger as well. It's not worth managing risk to the handset. All the cases seem hit or miss due to design flaws or user error over time (over short time)....unless you're willing to shell out $300+ for a case and system (Hotdive $379, Kraken Sports $360.95, Diveroid $428 to name a few) it doesn't seem to make sense to invest in one. Some have internal vacuum capabilities and sensors for when the said vacuum breaks and depth sensors independent of the phone. Seems worth it if you really want to shoot with your phone but again am going the gopro (Akaso V50X to be specific) route this time around. 

If anyone uses the above listed brands report back please.

I found the listed cases on Amazon by the way. Hopefully this helps the next person in doing some legwork on all of the above.

PS Wondering if anyone used the Vonnobility 2nd Gen Waterproof case listed for $45 "universal" for both samsung and Iphones. Again, it all looks ify under a certain price point to me but post if you had a positive experience with it for more than a week's use please.