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Galaxy S10+ standby time is awful

(Topic created on: 31-05-2020 08:47 PM)
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Galaxy S10 Series

Hello everyone , I recently got my s10+ a phone that I was waiting to get since it launched and I love everything about except for the battery life , if I'm using the phone its completely fine I get between 5-6 hour of SOT but when I leave overnight it drains between 18-22% and leaving it on a table drains 2%/h , i have tried everything from changing location settings to sleeping and deepsleeping apps (i checked the the phone also deep sleeps) to limiting background apps and clearing cash and battery setting even starting in safe mode and rebooting the phone didnt help , i feel that i reached a dead-end.. my phone is up-to-date UI 2.1 and may security patch , should I get it checked or this is normal? 

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Superuser II
Galaxy S10 Series

Something must be working in the background @Ammar22 to be using battery.


Usually the battery stats help with this.


Is AOD on ?


You could get the phone checked out when the Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centres re open after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.


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Current Phone > Samsung Z Fold³ 5G.

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Galaxy S10 Series

i have gone through all these steps with no improvement :

  • Restarted phone (There's always someone who would suggest this if not written down)

  • Cleared Google Services, Google, and other Apps Cache and Data

  • Cleared Cache Memory (Through recovery menu - Tried this about 5 times at this point)

  • Reset the big 3 (Reset settings, Reset network settings, Reset accessibility settings)

  • Enabled Airplane Mode (Cellular, , Bluetooth Off)

  • Disabled Location

  • Disabled Sync

  • Disabled Always on Display

  • Disabled ALL Motions and Gestures (e.g. Lift to Wake, Double tap to wake, Smart Stay, etc.)

  • Disabled Video enhancer

  • Disabled Game Launcher

  • Disabled Bixby Routines

  • Disabled Nearby Device Scanning

  • Disabled WiFi Scanning and Bluetooth Scanning (Improve Accuracy)

  • Disabled Show icon when screen is off (under fingerprints - from Samsung Forums)

  • Disabled certain Apps (AR Emoji, ARCore, Briefing, Chrome, Game Launcher, Google, Facebook, Secure Folder, etc.)

  • Enabled/Disabled Adaptive Power Saving (Tried both settings, made no difference)

  • Enabled/Disabled Auto Optimization (Tried both settings, made no difference)

  • Switched between Power Modes (Optimized to Medium, made no difference)

  • Ran Safe Mode overnight with ALL of the settings above (Airplane with Location and Sync Off, etc.) Still got a 15% drain overnight.

finally after the last factory reset "which didnt imrove anything " .. i tried one night to turn the wifi off , and to my surprise i only lost 5-8% the night after i left it on and i lost 20% and the night after i turned it off with power managmnet on medium and i only lost around 7% so i guess its a wifi " btw both wifi and data were off but not on airplane mode . 

i hope ther will be a fix for that , i dont know if i take to samsung service they can fix it for me or not 

Galaxy S10 Series
Take it to Samsung service center and make your complain so they will get it fixed