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galaxy s10 last update killed personal dictionary

(Topic created on: 13-04-2020 06:55 PM)
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About a week ago I got an update overnight while I was sleeping and when I woke up in the morning my personal dictionary had been cleared and now when I type something and it auto replaces it and I have to click the checkmark to put it into the dictionary it doesn't do anything I have to do it over and over again just like I never type the word at all.   You know how if you're in your messages and you're typing to someone and you add a new word and it doesn't pop up in the dictionary it gives you a little check mark to the left of the predicted words I hit that check mark about 50 times a day and it makes no difference in Saving any of the words. Help.... I wanna smash my phone because of it. 

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This just happened to me this week. Does no one have answers?? This is awful!!

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This has started happening to me, too, since the latest update and it is driving me CRAZY - please someone, help!!