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Galaxy ear buds and EE

(Topic created on: 04-11-2019 11:10 AM)
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Hi all. Was due an upgrade through EE. Had an S8 and loved it so i rang EE and upgraded to the S10. I was advised that i will get BT Sport and a pair of the ear buds. Was over the moon. When phone arrived i noticed no earbuds. I then found out i had to claim them. When i tried i noticed you had to order the phone between 10th and 22nd Octobet.

I rang EE to let them know that as i ordered on 26th they shouldnt of told me i could have them. They listened into the call and agreed i had been told this but shouldn't have been told this.

Long story short, had nothing but hassle from them refusing to back down. Had to take a naff goodwill gesture on my bill in the end. Just be careful what you're advised, especially by EE. Made Samsung aware but not sure they're bothered.