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Galaxy 10 broken rear camera glass

(Topic created on: 18/12/20 02:53)
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Galaxy S10 Series

I'm doing this post because I want to alert customers to never buy Samsung again.

I have a galaxy 10 and the last month

my rear camera glass broke 3 times without doing anything, without dropping my phone, I'm being very careful. I've spent more than 300 dollars to fix it, and just for using the phone, the screen broke again. I warn people to think twice before buying Samsung because if they can't invest in a good material for their screen, it's not worth. I read the posts in this forum and I can see this is a very common problem since years ago, so they don't seem to care about improving or offering assistance to the customers. Don't be a fool. Don't buy this phone. I'll buy an iPhone and I don't want to hear about Samsung never again. It's ridiculous.