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Front Facing Camera MAJOR problems in video mode (zoom crop broken)

(Topic created on: 20-07-2019 07:00 PM)
Galaxy S10 Series

I have searched the web high and low and found nothing but complaints and no solution to what I consider an UNNACCEPTABLE problem / issue with the s10 series flagship phones. I am speaking of the s10 plus but from what I can see it affects the entire s10 line up.  I upgraded from the s6 edge plus to the s10 plus and it is blowing my mind that the front facing s10 camera is terrible.  It is way to zoomed in and too cropped and it DEFAULTS to this in EVERY app including Samsung's NATIVE camera app.


People have said, "oh just click on the wide icon to the left, and that might be fine for a snapshot, but as soon as you slide to video mode it reverts to this ridiculous close up of your head. WHO IN THE HECK WANTS THIS SAMSUNG WHAT ARE YOU THINKING DOING?


This is a FLAGSHIP best of the best phone you have to offer and you can't even use it for social media?! Are you kidding me?


Why has this not been fixed immediately?  My s6 edge plus has a great front facing camera (but the battery is dead and screen beat up) this phone was gifted to me for my birthday by someone who spent close to $1000 on it and she is upset and I am upset and Best Buy dopesn't want to take it back because it took me longer than 14 days so what recourse do I have?


Fix the issue or give me another phone!


- Blackout