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Emergency bypass while silent

(Topic created on: 01-09-2022 03:09 AM)

Hi everyone,

Just got a samsung s10 after being apple foe ages

One thing i noticed was you can not seem to set texts and calls from priority people to make a sound while on silent


It works in DND mode but not when your set to silent or vibrate


How can i fix this? Is there a setting i am missing or an app that does it?


I have my phone on vibrate or silent a lot but i still don't want to miss messages and calls from certain people


Thank you

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+1; I'd really like a solution to this that works just like the iOS feature does.

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Please listen Samsung b instead of fobbing us off. We do not want DND on all the time. We want selected contacts to override silent mode and make a sound, just like is available on iPhone and seemingly others and has been for years. This is not something that cannot be done as you suggest, because it literally has already been done for several years. I want to see ANY call come in while on silent/vibrate (hence I do not want DND) if close enough to see/feel my phone. If my phone happens to not be about my person (in the next room, in my bag etc) I want to hear a call from my kid's school. Why will you not listen or give us the option others enjoy? Why are you forcing people to choose Apple over you over stubbornness with implementing this one evidently possible feature? Mind boggling.
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Any news on this feature?

I am looking forward to buy the S23 but if this basic feature is not there then I might switch to iphone