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Disable texting apps popping up as mini app?

(Topic created on: 02-08-2021 05:03 PM)
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Galaxy S10 Series

When I'm using an app and I get a text message (either from default "messages" app or what's app), it sometimes pops up as a mini window that's about 50% of the screen instead of switching to the app. But when I'm trying to reply, the keyboard takes up the whole bottom half of the screen and I basically end up with the messaging app covering almost the entire screen.

I cannot figure out how to disable this. I thought it was "smart pop up" but that's now disabled and it keeps happening. I've also gone and verified that "Draw other other apps" is disabled for all of my messaging apps.

Does anyone know what this feature is and how to disable it? I think it's only started happening in the past 2 months, not sure if it was an update.