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Camera filters

(Topic created on: 03/05/19 19:30)
Galaxy S10 Series

Does anyone know how to get the original camera filters that came before the ONE UI update Back on our phones?.


Makes no sense why They removed some of the best filters from pro mode and the other ones on PHOTO mode as well. 


I feel like I can't take proper photos cause pro mode is a mess to navigate with cause you can't save presets with a manual set filter(which honestly should've been a added feature already to begin with. To be able to save a manual set filter and instantly go to that preset filter you made for the perfect moment  that calls to be shot in the right lighting or something a bit more to make it pop in your own original way). To get the filter you honestly want you have to eye ball the slider till you get the right setting but by then the subject of your photo.. . Might have changed a few things 


The base filters and the ones you can download are horrible cause they feel and look like gimmicks and trash style filters for selfies nothing Real for actual moment to properly capture  in a scenery. 



The ones that come with it now are horrible and they removed another filter EVERGREEN. Before this update even pro mode had set filters that came helpful.  Now we got this trash slider that makes it honestly less user friendly. When you want to use pro mode but now I can't get the right lighting like the filter evergreen oor any filter with that greenish movie film vibe to it.


What they should've done is to let us choose what we want to do.  Not force a unnecessary change.  Keep the manual filter in the advance part but keep the  Preset set filters that we can use on the fly during pro mode a instantaneously. Just like how the base photo mode is. 


This update ruined more than just the camera stuff .. It ruined my experience with the phone. Functions that used to love isn't here anymore.  Just feels like it was a bit more of a step back on the software than anything.



Wonder who they were catering too more.... Us or their wallet 

New Member
Galaxy S10 Series
I would like these back too, they still have the sunshine filter but its really yellow. Loved using this filter on holiday last year. Bring back the original sunshine filter please.