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Bug in the 3x4 keyboard in Android 10

(Topic created on: 28-11-2020 04:27 AM)
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Hi! It's my very first time in a forum, and hoping someone please can help!? The 3x4 keyboard worked fine in Android 9, and in 10 it's a total mess - at least in Norwegian. Is it possible to downgrade from 10 to 9? (Or can the Samsung 3x4 keyboard please come back some time?) Or is it a known bug so that one can hope for an update to fix it? The prediction goes haywire, and it suggests all kinds of words not remotely close to what you enter. I called Samsung Support, and it was the same on the Swedish phone the Support agent had. He tried to write 'comes' in Swedish, and that word didn't exist - instead came Jonkjoping, which is a Swedish city. And so on it goes. I will never surrender to querty, so is there hope anywhere? I would really appreciate it!

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Unfortunately once upgraded to a new software you can't take the phone back using the settings in the phone.


It can only be achieved by a custom rom which in itself can pose potential issues.


Perhaps use the Samsung Members App to send your feedback to Samsung to see if they can send out a patch in the near future. 



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