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Adaptive Brightness does not work at all

(Topic created on: 22-08-2020 09:55 AM)
Galaxy S10 Series

I've recently received a new S10+ handset as an insurance replacement. On this handset, when I turn on Adaptive Brightness the brightness slider moves to the centre of the bar. If I then try to reduce or increase the brightness by moving the bar, it temporarily dims or brightens but then always returns back to the centre once I release the bar, and the screen brightness resets to 50%. The brightness levels do not change in different ambient light conditions.


The brightness settings work fine if I set it to Manual Mode, the bar stays where I set it to.


My previous handset did not have this issue, Adaptive Brightness could be set and it changed depending on ambient light.


I've tried resetting the adaptive brightness settings via the Apps Settings, it hasn't helped.


Is there any way of checking whether the light sensor is working correctly, or any fixes I can try?



First Poster
Galaxy S10 Series

I'm experiencing the same thing, friend. I just replaced my battery, no idea why this would start happening now. Also I noticed that the display is more "white/yellowish" and less O-Led dark than it used to be. Also my touchscreen fails to recognize finger inputs 1/2 the time. S-Pen works 100% of the time so I don't understand. 


I used to love this phone, but now it is a nightmare!