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A video I made on my new S10+

(Topic created on: 12-03-2019 11:53 PM)

Okay many of you know that I had a lot of problems with call drop outs on the S9+ to the point a made a musical piano video rant  "Lee are you there?"


 So, the S9+ went back and I've been on a Motorola Moto G6 until the 10 came out. My plan being its not a bad back up phone to keep just incase I have the same problem with the S10+ and have to keep sending that one back.


The good news so far call quality has been perfect  :smiling-face:


But, what I want to talk about is the camera quality on the S10+ especially the stabilization its quite frankly amazing. I was getting a little into video making on my S9+ and bought a smove mobile gimbal to try and get those silky smooth cinematic shots that we see on youtube but the S10+ is so superbly stabilized it almost looks like video is shot on a gimbal!


I am a Blackpool FC fan and last Saturday was the fans "Homecoming March" back to the ground. I filmed all of this on the S10+ hand held on a mini gorilla tripod with the 3 legs together hand held like a mini stick. I didn't use a gimbal just hand held it. I am absoulutely stunned at how smooth this footage came out. Feel free to take a look below


A lot of the video is shot on the selfie camera as I'm walking around the comedy carpet infront of Blackpool Tower and on the seafront at Blackpool the rest obviously is taken on the main front camera but you really can't tell any difference between the two the selfie camera is just so good!


It's really got to be seen to be believed at how good it is. I had been looking at buying the "goPro Hero 7 Black" for the super smooth footage that I had seen on youtube but I'm glad I waited for this phone.


I hope that you can see what I've so easily done as a total beginner just holding the camera infront of me to tell a story and start to imagine the family video stuff you can record just as easy for your children/ grand children and great grand children to watch when you've gone.


I think we are at an amazing time in history where we can leave video memories of ourselves in such high quality that generations of our families will know who we were and what life was like in the early 21st century! totally mindblowing really. I imagine my children showing this to my great grandchildren and saying look here was your crazy great grandad back in 2019


Anyway, without further ado...feel free to take a look at my totally amateur video


Blackpool FC Homecoming Day on the S10+ {{click here}}





:heavy-black-heart::heavy-black-heart::heavy-black-heart: everything about this video - and what you said about leaving memories.

I'm really glad to live in this day and age. Glad that you like your new phone! :smiling-face:


Ants glad you liked it 


Exactly memories forever I was talking with my mates at the game tonight (Blackpool 1-1 Doncaster Rovers) discussing the same thing.


My mates daughter will be 7 soon and I said imagine on her birthday party when she's going to blow out the candles instead of filming from a distance (he has the S9+) sit next to her extend the selfie camera past the cake and film her blow those candles out with you sat next to her the proudest dad in the world.


And in 50 years she will be showing her grand daughter when she's 7 the day way back in 2019 when you've long gone saying something like "just look at my dad sat next to me on my 7th birthday blowing my candles out just look how much he adored me God I miss him so much  he was the greatest dad in the world!"


Gets you emotional doesn't it


That's what we have now in our hands, incredible phones that will show our future generations just what it was like 100 years ago or more in 2019 in high definition!!


We will be remembered forever


Love it