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Wifi calling note 9



I previously had the s8+ bought from samsung and had wifi calling on it. I have recently bought the note 9 from Samsung and when I've looked I have not got the option for wifi calling. I have called my service provider they have told me they have sent the settings out to me but if the phone wasn't bought from them it will not work. What isn't very good as it worked on my previous one bought from Samsung. Dose that mean I will not be able to use wifi calling on my note 9 as I need it to make phone calls because you dont get signal where I live, or is there somthing that can be sent to my phone for me to accept the settings I am being sent. Any help would be great. 

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If you have just bought it I advise you to go back to the seller and change it or to ask him to solve this problem


I bought the phone from Samsung shop website that's why I asked on here. The issue has been resolved. I have no idea how it's just popped up wifi calling :). 

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I'm in the UK and there was the situation sometime ago with the stipulation that the phone had to have bern supplied directly by certain Networks for Calling Over Wi-Fi feature to work.


Thankfully that's changed. 


I'm unaware of where you reside and what network your using but it would be beneficial to check in with your networks customer service to double check if that stipulation exists. 


If it does then it appears you've been fortunate it worked ok on your previous phone and now unfortunate it does not now. 


Carrier settings are sent exclusively by your network with Samsung not having any part in that so wouldn't be able to help. 


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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Did you need end up contacting someone? I am having the same issue and I do not know what happened. I only just noticed bc when I wanted to make a wifi call it didnt work and I was charge overseas roaming fees for the first time 

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