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VPN not working on Note 9

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After a few weeks after buying this phone suddenly i am unable to use vpn connections,  i have tried different vpn software and all seem to connect correctly but none of my data is going through the VPN connection. (ip address is still my original ip) 

I have searched everywhere for a solution but it seems this problem is not that widespread or not a lot of people use vpn in this phone. 

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Does anyone know if the One UI update with Android Pie resolves this issue? Since getting this phone, I've not been able to use my mobile device for work. (A major part of my phone usage.) I'm severely hoping this is resolved in that update.


After i read your message i checked for the update and it's downloading for me at the moment, will report back after installing if Cyberghost VPN is working (or a manual OpenVPN connection).

Edit: Ok after installing the Android Pie update the VPN is working again, i hope it keeps working now and doesn't magically stop working after a while again like what happened the first time, i'll keep my fingers crossed this time.

I have same problem with this connection
Any one solve problem

Till me when this problem fix


I have this issue with my Note9, major problem when i'm away form the office!


I can confirm VPN works as expected again on Android Pie. I highly doubt Samsung will do anything to patch Oreo (why would they when the next OS has been released -- plus they haven't even released security patches for Oreo since December)

I have an unlocked Note 9 in the US and have finally received the update. Most everywhere else has gotten the update.

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A have same problem issues then i try to change my settting and it work for me, here the steps:

1.  Go to Setting

2. Select Connection

3. Select More Connection Settings

4. And then go to Private DNS, there are three option, by default it selected 'off', and i try to select Private DNS provider hostname and i type 'myname'

5. Save

6. Now, i can connect to my office VPN connection through Samsung Galaxy Note 9 tethering in my laptop.


I hope it works to you



One UI version 1.0

Android version 9

Kernel version 4.9.59-15792590 (Latest Updated, 1 April 2019

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