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Severe Battery Drain from Google Play Sevices and Samsung Health


Ordinarily, the Note9's battery life is superb. However recently I've noticed it's draining with the screen off at nearly five or six times the rate. Looking on Device Care the culprits are Google Play Services and Samsung Health, both of which are mostly background use. I could understand that Samsung Health is tracking my activity so that explains that, but Google Play Sevices should not be that draining. 


This has been happening for maybe a month or so, and is getting quite irritating. Any similar issues or solutions?

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go into settings/apps find anything google play/samsung health,restrict background use under storage/battery

That worked for a time, but it needs access to storage for Google Messages. 


Another example using the Battery Tracker from Galaxy Labs. 
Screenshot_20200818-183222_Battery Tracker.jpg


When Google Play Services is draining battery this can sometimes be attributed to syncing.


It's not Google Play Services as per say doing this but the Google apps etc that are. 


One culprit I found on my phone was Google Chrome.


I disabled this and any other Google option and looked at my syncing that resolved the issue.  Google Play Services should only be showing as a couple of % at most.


I now use Samsung Internet App instead.


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