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Sandisk sd card

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last update in may this month on my note 9 bricked my sd with a no media file that wont delete at all, the card is 12gb so im a bit miffed about it, i have tried formatting it with my phone a pc tablet and even in my gopro! Nothing! Spoke to samsung on live chat and as its not a samsung card they wont do nothing about it, had 0 problems pripr to the update and never an issue with the card being moved or removed wrong ive googled every possible out come and nothing! Any ideas peeps?? 

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Did you always unmount it the right way ?...This can seems ridiculous for many people but if you don't do it it can broke de SD Card... Since many hours I'M trying to find a solution that you don't try and can't see nothing more for now...I will sleep on it...sorry for my english, hope you understand...


Did you try it on a Desktop  PC ?



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