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I got a question about the Samsung warranty and Samsung service points.


I bought my Note 9 in the UK in Orange. I got the 24 months of warranty. I live in Poland now and if something happens to my phone does the service points in Poland will repair my phone without the proof of purchase? I heard that they (Samsung service points) should look on IMEI number, not the proof of purchase, is that true?





Hi @maciekdzialo. The warranty for UK models is also valid in EU couuntries. If you don't have your proof of purchase, it may be best to contact the retailer to see if you can obtain a copy. 

I know that warranty is valid in the EU countries, but I mostly want to know if I don't have a proof of purchase can a service point refuse repair of my device? Cuz I heard that the IMEI number of my device is enough. Proof of purchase is good, but not required, is that true?

Keep in mind if you do not have a POP, Samsung will calculate your warranty based on production date Note9 and not your purchased date.

Why not use your POP from Orange or if you have lost it call Orange helpdesk and request a new copy?

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