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Samsung Galaxy Note9 Camera Buzzing sound and mechanical Vibration while zooming camera

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Dear Note9 users,


I bought my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 through e-shop Samsung India on 18/09/2018. after a gentile use of 4 months i had a problem in my Note9 camera when i zoom to capture/Live focus its keep on giving me a Buzzing sound in back panel and keep vibrating until i close my camera application.


For the above problem i contacted Samsung customer support on 21st feb 2019 and no response till 26th feb 2019. again 26th and 27th feb 2019 i approached Samsung telesupport still  no solution. finally, as per customer service executive advice gave my Note 9 to Samsung authorized service center (Postcode-603001). They erased my all date and reinstalled the software through my approval still no solution. 


Please share if anybuy have solution.


I have had the exact same issue with my Note 9. Had to take to Samsung store to get it repaired. They replaced the camera unit for my, but those *****s left two pieces of artefacts inside the camera lens cover now. Like little pieces of a red and white string. So be careful with that  

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I am experiencing the same issue, contacted Samsung and advised to have the camera repaired. I'm hoping that this will solve the problem.

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