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Samsung Dex One Ui 2

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I use the Samsung note 9 in my day alot. Just got the upgrade on my note 9 (SM-960F) and I use Samsung Dex screen mirroring. Where I can mirror my phone using the Samsung Dex official dock. It appears with a picture instead of my mirrored screen. This is only with Android 10/Q. This was not a problem with One Ui1 on Android 9


Hi @Piekid34 


Are you still having this issue or did you manage to get it sorted?

I am still having this issue and it needs to be fixed. Thanks!

@Piekid34: Can you try connecting to your TV/monitor via HDMI, without the DeX docking station to see if this helps? For more info, please check the link below.

When I plug in my HDMI cable and want mirror screens to watch a movie on my TV I just get a picture of my background and in the bottom left corner comes a cog and in the bottom right side there are a lot of dots in a square but no more if I go over to HBO on the phone and start a movie then only the sound comes on the television but no movie only the same pictures that have always been when I start mirror screens
what to do?

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