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Predictive text not showing after latest Android Update Version 10


Hi there, 


I have multiple keyboards set in Samsung keyboard -> Languages and types. 


The probelm I have, after the most recent update taking place (some week ago now) the predictive text is no longer showing up for russian keyboard. Why? 


I have English, UK and Portugese, they both show predictive text above. But not fur russian. This is very frustrating as I relied on this feature a lot when writing emails etc. 


Could you please share any suggestions and flag a fault for this. 


So far I have tried resetting the keyboard settings and restarting the phone. 


This happened after the latest software update. 



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Unfortunately for me, this solution, and every other solution, thus far, has been to no avail.

I have an S9+ (updated yesterday)
Predictive Text.jpg

Hooyah Steve, this one actually works!
Cheers mate.

Thank you


Brilliant thank you


It solved the problem for me, thank you!!


I had to re-download the English (US) library for predictive text to start working again

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Since last update my Samsung keyboard is slower, much less accurate, lost predictive text (which I turned back on) and EVERYTHING it has learned and added to it's memory of what words I repeatedly type and how they are spelled.  It's infuriating as I just had an accident and can only type was one hand.  At this point I am going to switch to another keyboard.

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hi that worked but I also had to go into the settings and redownload the type of language keyboard I wanted to use then it worked again
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