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Note9 Delivery Problems


Hi all!


New here, unfortunately, not coming with fun news.


I placed an order on the 18th September with a confirmed shipping date of the 20th September. The phone was in stock and time of ordering and it let me order no problem!


Kept my eye on it the last few days and the status never changed.


After speaking to 5 different people today, I got through to someone 10 minutes ago on the phone who informed me that the phone is out of stock!

What is going on here? My first Samsung after 10 years with Apple and this garbage?! Not impressed at all.


I'm now being told it will be the 7th October which is a joke.


I can order from sites like Carphone, mobiles, mobilesdirect and get it next day! I thought coming direct would be easy!

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Hi @ven23


I totally appreciate your frustrated with this. 


I've seen similar posts in other places that mostly concern the 512Gb version on delays. 

Is that the model variant you've chosen ?


I purchased mine from my local bricks and mortar Samsung Experience Store who had them all in stock. 


Not sure if that's an avenue you could choose. 


They wouldn't be able to assign a handset from the shops pool of stock so a person would need to cancel their online order with Samsung. 


Carphone Warehouse is a good source but double check their models are duos hybrid models that take 2 SIM cards. 


Note 9 handsets from independents and networks maybe the single SIM and Sd Card version. 


I wish you all the best with this situation. 




It was the 512gb I ordered.


I wouldn’t have minded if the correct due date was given at the time but it’s the fact I spoke to several people and was told several times that the phone would ship yesterday.


Very disappointing.


I just come off the phone with samsung now and been advsied that they are expecting both the note 9 and galaxy watch back in stock early next week which they gave me the option straight away to even cancel the order which was quite frightening that they would cancel orders happily like that.


Everybody know that Hybrid Sim is available only through Samsung Store and none of the retailers will have that on stock including Carphpone Warehouse. This year my girl was told that her S9+ will be Hybrid and it wasn't, same was this year when I bought my Note 9 but I checked before and it says clearly that this is available only from Samsung.

There is an official leaflet posted by Ants.


Still no idea when I'm getting my phone...I've been told 3 different things by the customer services...the wait continues.


Here's what my order status has looked like since the 18th September...


Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 22.06.45.png


I was on a day out on Saturday after being told early this week, I randomly walked into Samsung experience centre in Cardiff where they said yes they had 2 in stock and I walked out that very moment with the 512 in blue and cancelled my online order and hand monies back within the hour. So I'm now very happy I don't think much of Samsung's online shop however the actual high street shops was fantastic 


Lucky fella! Hope you're enjoying the phone!


Being in Glasgow, I don't think I have a Samsung store up here any more 😞




There is a Samsung Experience Store in Edinburgh (88 Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 2ER, 0131 285 4910)


Samsung Support Centre in Glasgow (1st floor, Unit 112 St Enoch Square, Centre, Glasgow G1 4BW, 0141 226 4082)


if that helps...


Before going there I would call them to ask if they have it in stock.


So, the latest on this, went on to Live Chat this morning and asked if they had the 512gb Ocean Blue model in stock. The chap confirmed they do have this in stock now.


Asked him why I don't have my order yet then!


Came back with some bull about the logistics department and I might not see the phone until the 5th October.


This is the strangest purchasing experience I've ever had and one I'm never going to make again.


Absolute shambles.

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