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Note 9 stock problem!

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Having pre ordered my note 9 with a shipping date of the 7th Sept a slightly longer time than expected as I've ordered a blue 512gb note 9 i still havent recieved my device and after speaking to 4 dofferent reps who all gave me no advice worth noting other than to say I've been lied to by all but 1 off them 6 days have passed and still no one can tell me when it's going to be sent out to me!

If someone could give me some information about why it's not with me and when I'll get my phone it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Scott-p80


I appreciate how frustrating it can be when having to wait and not recieve news. 


I picked mine up from my local bricks and mortar U.K Samsung Experience Store.


May I ask did you order via Samsung Online and which country your in as this may help the forum team to be able to help and advise. 




I ordered the blue 512gb on Sept 16. Given a ship date of today, 20 Sept. This date also stated on order confirmation. Called a few hours ago to be told it’s now out of stock. This is strange, when I ordered it the 128gb version was showing out of stock but the 512gb had a guaranteed ship date. 

Have to say, I’ve bought many iPhones over the years but never had this delivery date confusion. 

If the units are now out of stock and the shipment date now wrong, I would expect to receive notification. I had lined up to take day off to make sure I was in etc. 

Not good enough. Seriously considering hitting cancel order as they took my money at order placement. So I bought and paid for a £1k phone and have no idea now when I’m getting it. Really annoyed. 


Same here I place my order on the 12th with a delivery date of 20th with the watch. 

I’m moving from Apple to Samsung so far not a good start as I waited for the Iphone 10 had a delivery day and had it on time. This was Samsung online UK. Don’t get me wrong I hope to see a dispatched email with in the next few hours but if it’s going to be weeks il cancled the lot and stick with trusty apple. I receved a phone case from them already which is a bit of a added insult to injury but that was even a day late. Time will tell


Heh Jay - well, sounds like we're in the same boat matey!


You may be interested in seeing this reply I have just received from Samsung Store...I decided to email in as well as call:




So, according to the above, it was shipped today, will arrive today (2hrs left, so must be some special midnight DPD service no one has ever heard of)...also the order states must be wrong as that is saying not yet dispatched!!


Obviously, whoever replied to my email didnt bother checking anything. 

What a joke. Actually, not funny, just really *****.


I'll give them 48hrs. Then I'm going to revert to my better judgement and go with the iPhone Max S. I'll probably get it quicker anyway.



....then simply ask for the tracking.

Dpd dont provide untracked service.


I've been checking the order tracking all day. It hasn't even moved from order placed. There is no DPD tracking as it hasn't dispatched. 


Probably giving iPhone orders priority...


I just been advised by customer service over the phone early next week now they will be back in stock for the note 9 and galaxy watch


I have to say, as per my own thread on here, I find this service from a company like Samsung to be shocking.


I was quite clearly lied to or fed information from

someone that didn’t know what they were talking about yesterday.


Coming from 10 years with Apple, this isn’t a good start!

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