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Note 9 Screen Scratches


Hello, I've had my note 9 about 6 days now. 


I've noticed quite a deep scratch on the screen, this is a phone that is in a pocket on its own.


Please bare in mind, I kept my iPhone 7 plus in worse conditions and it has never had a scratch so deep! 


I feel like the only one getting this? Carphone Warehouse are turning me away, Samsung arent/won't do anything about it they just told me to go back to the Carphone Warehouse. There's not a single scratch anywhere else on the phone, just the screen. 


Thanks, Adam


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I just got my note 9 last December and noticed there is a scratch on the right upper part of the screen.  It was never dropped on a hard floor or rough surface, it did fell from my side table while it hanged from the power cable.  I didn't think it would easily get a scratch from that. 


I have seen videos of scratch tests and those units they tested using metals tools didn't even get a scratch! Is there something wrong with the units they released or were they sending the best units for testing?


I use a £ 2 tempered glass from ebay or Aliexpress they work fine and touch is ok. The FPS is at the back not like the S10. iF ANYONE NEEDS A LINK TO THE BEST TEMPERED GLASS which sticks let me know.

I would not pay €50 for that whitedome when I paid € 1000 for the phone. Even a TPU/Hydrogel film of good quality like ZNP will do. 

You do not need to buy the Whitestone dome anymore. I bought a similar one from this company called Alinsea on amazon. It costs £10 and the customer service is impeccable. They gave me a free replacement because i messed up the application and ended up with a bubble. its full adhesive like whitestone dome and comes with a UV light. It takes some time and patience to install but once its on its like theres nothing on there. Its great overall.
Me as well. Never had any phone get scratches only my note 9. Small black looking scratches all over. Weak phone by samsung.
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