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Note 9 Screen Scratches


Not impressed with the screen on the note 9. I've had it for approx 1 month and I've got more scratches on it than my galaxy s8 that I've had for more than 12 months!! To boot I have kept this one in a case so it didn't get scratched I'm am shocked that the screen scratches so easily my note 3 and note 5 screens are in a better state after years of use. Not happy at all. What are you going to do about it Samsung? From reading other threads here I'm not the only one!!!!

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I can only speak for my experiences with my Note 9 @Mirroruk


I've had a Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector on it from taking off the in-transit plastic.


I've also seen posts where people have had scratches on their screen but in many cases it's the olyphoebic coating that helps to stop fingerprints that's scratched. 


In some instances specs of grit can get into cases which can cause issues. 


I prefer not to keep my phone in my pocket but instead use a leather belt holster. 


I'm not in no way saying your experiencing problems but just saying what my experiences are. 


Unfortunately the 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty wouldn't cover this as its typically attached to wear and tear. 



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I'm sorry I've seen your post copied and pasted from another post. This does not account for wear and tear there is something obviously wrong with the quality of the screen. I've had Samsung phones for a number of years and never after 4 weeks of use had scratches that are visible like this. My note 3 doesn't even have a screen protector on and shows less signs of use after all this time than my 4 week old phone!!!!
If my other phones have less scratches on them in 6 years then surely a brand new phone with the latest gorilla glass should be better able to stand up to daily use.

Hi @Mirroruk


You will have seen my own words on another similar post.... Yes. 


If anything is " Copy and Pasted " from another author I always show that and give credit to the person. 


To add > There has been internet chatter on the different properties of Gorilla Glass by other consumers. 


Some end users feel that the most recent Gorilla Glass 5 isn't as scratch resistant as Gorilla Glass 4 but is stronger in an accidental drop. 


However for a mark to appear on the phone that wasn't their on unboxing it then something must have come into contact with the screen. 


This is classed as accidental damage wether a person agrees with that or not. 


Take care. 





Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-N9860_256Gb SnapDragon 865+

Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10.


I have the exact same issue. The second I took the original screen stickers off and began setting it up, these scratches started appearing and they have been getting worse. Samsung are refusing  poopto repair it  saying its due to my use of it. Its cleaely a fault with the device as the phone is designed to be used with a finger and/or a stylus. If there is anything that can be done to get them to come to the party, I'm in.

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My note 9 is a complete mess. The screen has maybe 6 or 7 large scratches visible on the screen.

Not a mark anywhere else on the phone..

Really disappointed with this ,after paying mega money...

This is the first time I have had this problem and it certainly shouldn't happen on such an expensive device...

I would guess by the state of my glass that something is amiss..

In my opinion this is not gorilla glass or the glass is missing a coating...

Don't know who to contact about this

Totally agree

Thanks for replying Hoppy65. Its shocking. I've sent in the phone for assessment and they sent it back without fixing it saying its user induced. I escalated through their complaints department and they refused to fix it under warranty. I made a department of Fair Trading complaint, they again refused. I also recently sent an email to their CEO via their website and a "representative" emailed saying their decision stands but they will reduce the cost to fix it by $60. I'm all out of options. Unless I can find a few similar cases and show them is not a user induced issue, but a faulty product issue. I've had every Galaxy and Note that was ever made and this is the first screen issue I've had.


There is clearly a fault with the product and they are refusing to fix it. It really angers me. 


Maybe you should go through the same process and let me know if you have better luck the me. 


Either way, the brand is damaged in my eyes. I'll be taking my loyalty to Apple. I am also looking to get a new TV and I won't be buying Samsung.

Hi mate first of all amen! The screen is terrible ! just thought I would add to this I also have a note 9 which cost a fortune... both front screen and rear camera screens and scratched to death... deep.. may I add I have a note 4 aswell which has been all over the world.. and not a single mark on the screen at all!!!... I think the new note 9 curved junk screen is to con us all out of hard earned money and replace them every year... not impressed with the note 9 quality at all... mine also freezes.. and clitches after updates... the same way they killed off all of the older notes.... I think it's time we both changed to huwaeii 😃
Same here mate.. joke for the money =( feel let down completely
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