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Note 9 Screen save with s pen dims

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Hello. This is my first time in this.

Everytime I save something from using spen from a screen write, the picture dims to a shade lower. When I reuse the picture after, it tends to go darker.

How can I get around this please


Hi @Kas2005.


Did you find a solution to this or are you still having the same issue?

Still having the same problem. Samsung shop say to restore factory settings and it might be an app that is making it to act this way

You can try putting your phone in Safe Mode to see if it is an app that may causing this issue, here’s a link to show you how to do this. Safe Mode temporarily disables third party apps and only the basic functions remain. If the issue no longer appears in Safe Mode, I'd recommend uninstalling your most recent third party apps one by one to see if there are any changes. Let us know how you get on! :robot-face:


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