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Note 9 pre order gifts for Europe


How come there are no gifts available from Samsung when pre ordering in Europe? I was really looking forward to the Fortnite bundle until I found out this was only for the US. Are European customers maybe getting something later?


They will just say the same as normal "It's regional deals" it would be nice if we had some deal, big or small. I have already pre ordered the 512gb edition but it maybe worth while shopping around looking at what deal's come out between now and release, the biggest message is to not buy it. and go else where though you may struggle to find the same sort of device in the market.



It was the same with S9 pre orders to be honest.

But what really annoyed UK users, and I mean REALLY annoyed us, is that the rest of the world got all these stellar gifts or "deal sweeteners" while on the exchange rates, UK paid the most for the handset, then...


Two weeks after the networks cooling off period ended, S9 purchases came with free Tab As, free Dexs, free wireless chargers...


It was as if attracting new customers were regarded higher than Samsung's most loyal customers.



For future reference Samsung.

That 512gb for the same price as 128 would've swung me.


The phone itself is satisfactory enough, but it's when not everyone gets an equal offer that people start to wonder


Exactly that.

Devices should be sold on features alone, but if you see all these other regions giving away quite valuable gifts to everyone just because they happen to live somewhere else... It kinda stings.


USA Note 9 users get buy one get one.. Yes a free Samsung Galaxy Note 9.. UK Samsung suck no offers.. 


@TH3ORY in fairness the buy one get one free is done via the carriers over there not samsung, but still sucks we don't get the option for v-bucks or the headphones.


Oh my, I had to check that as I'll be honest I didn't believe it..


Verizon and AT&T giving a buy one get one free on note 9.

Oh well, at least we can get .... Errr..... Well, some story how it's regional or something.


(Worth pointing out that ALL network based offers are Samsung's decision and they are the promoters)



Edit to add*

On verizon at least, they get the buy one get one free AND the free AKG $299 headphones or Fortnite bundle. That's right... Both!


At&T do too....


Honestly so disappointed in Samsung right now, it's actually shameful.

where is this free offer pray tell i would not mind making some money on this...........
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