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Note 9 One UI/Pie Release Coming Real Soon!


HI Samsung are stating for Jan-2019 ONE UI PIE Will hit the Note 9! 9th today so hopefully not long wait :smiling-face: Screenshot_20190109-144854_Samsung_Members.jpg

Tab S 8.4 SM-T705 LTE
Tab S4 SM-T835 LTE
Note 9 SM-N960F
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Pie sucks stick with oreo miles better. Just rolled mine back using Odin. Nice detailed crisp looking icons and a true one handed scrolling system whilst in split screen... bliss. Samsung you really need to be the bigger man and and ditch this pie crisp!!!!
Ive still not updated it. A friend did and regrets it now. Ive just left it sat there with no intention to install unless its needed for an upgrade to an acceptable version.
Don't mate pie UI is honestly shocking! I came from Apple to android for more choice and flexibility! And I got that with oreo then this pie Apple wannabe crisp came along and handcuffed me. Thankfully I've rolled back to oreo and so pleased I could. Unfortunately it's good bye to Samsung in September for this intrusion!

I blkocked the update.

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