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Note 9 faulty camera


Hello all, I prordered a note9 phone and got it on 24 August. After around 5 weeks, I noticed The camera of the phone started to show buzz sound and strong unusual vibration when in auto mode and live picture mode. First reported via phone line, on 3 October. It has been confirmed by Samsung Manchester repair centre this week. The camera is faulty. Been calling customer services, the only solution that samsung offered is repair. Our request to have a brand new replacement phone sent to us has been rejected. If this is Samsung's so called high level customer service, I am sure no one else will buy  note 9 in the future. This is not a one off incident and I have googled online, several people have the same issues. Who will want to spend £1100 on a flagship phone and have it repaired. Its only 6 weeks old and it's been identified its a faulty phone by Samsung own engineers. The phone hasn't got a manufacture satisfactory quality. My reference number is *****. I will contact my credit card company for a refund under section 75. It's a really bad experience and very poor customer service.


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Samsung are aware of the problem, its a hardware issue, a camera module apparently. I took mine into a Samsung store today showed them the issue and the guys who worked there knew straight away what it was, I asked was it the camera module and they said yes and it will be fixed and returned within 24 to 48hrs, they also gave me a loan phone to use, so was happy with the service I received. I will update this message when I get the phone back.

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I also have seen posts where people have encountered a buzz sound from the camera but I've not experienced it myself on my phone @Lu36f


There should be a software update coming that has updates for the camera in it which may help. 


A person has a window of 30 days from initial ownership to have the phone swapped out. 


After that timeframe it's a repair.  


There is further info in the Consumer Rights Act 2015


The Samsung Community Team maybe able to help further once they've caught up with your thread to advise. 


Your Credit card company I'm sure will advise you on what they can do to help. 


I wish you all the best with this situation. 





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Hi @Lu36f


I'm sorry to hear that you've been having issues with your phone. 

The Samsung manufacturers warranty is a repair based one, so a replacement wouldn't be offered. 

Have you done a hardware test for your camera? 

If not try this: Go to your dial pad and call *#0*#, then click 'Mega Cam' - is the issues present during the test?


I'd also like to advise you that the Consumer Rights act is concerned with yourself and the retailer, not the manufacturer.



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Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Camera issues, Blurry images, Easy fix ,Remove battery cover, I used a small rubber band, Liftup on camera lens carefully lift camera lens ,cut your rubber band then with a machinist pick or something like a tooth pick push the rubber band under camera lens, be sure to lift camera lens, cut excess rubber band. I purchased my phone two days after Samsung released it, my camera was bad out of box, Works Perfectly. 

It is not recommended that you carry out repairs or modifications yourself as this can void your warranty. If the issue persists then please visit your nearest Samsung Support Centre by checking the following link, selecting 'Mobile Device' and entering your post code:

So you must have lost note 9 ip68 rating as you opened it up yourself!
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I purchased Samsung Galaxy Note  9 on 10th of november and within 10 days I started getting issues with the camera, it started shutting off by it self and acting weird, flickering when switching to 2x zoom in auto mode or in live focus mode and not on just camera, the phone started to get hang on many occasions. I reached out for customer care but the executive there just ran a diagnostic test on the phone and said the phone is perfectly fine and refused to help. I have visited the customer service office so many time in hope for getting some help but I haven't got any possitive responses yet. I always had a thing for Samsung but after buying their flagship device and the problems that I have faced and the reaction of customer executive I don't recommend any person to buy Samsung anymore and I am sure to be switching to another brand soon.

This is a hardware fault with shutters, no software update will fix it. My note 9 is the same and going in to be fixed on saturday

My camera is also doing this. At&T was going to replace my phone but I had purchased it through Samsung.  There is no service center near me, so I will have send it in and do without my phone for a week or so. Which is impossible considering my job. Never again will I purchase through Samsung website again! 


Had the same issue, only solution was to go Samsung store and they replaced the camera unit. Best to call them up first to see if they have camera in stock. 

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