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Note 9: fake restart when charging


Hi there, 


Recently, i noticed when I charge my phone, wireless or wired, the phone think it's restarted. I mean it's not really restarted, but I need to drawn my pattern to login, just like a restart. 


It's not happening everytime, but like 8 in 10 times. 


I search this issue on web but couldn't find anything. Anyone here has the same issue? 

Superuser I
Superuser I



Hi, this is the samething with my tablet Galaxy Tab S4. I think, this is a feature/protection from Pie to be sure who want to do the action...I don't like it also but...


If somebody have a solution for that, it should be fun...sorry for my english !





Is this happening overnight?  It might be restarting.  There is a feature located at Settings > Device Care > Click the 3 dots upper right corner > Auto Restart.  This is a feature that over night will restart the phone to help clear things up.  

HOWEVER, if you have another feature turned on, you will have to Enter your security code to allow it to FINISH rebooting.  (Safety Precaution)  This feature is located at Settings > Biometrics and security > Scroll down to Secure startup and turn this feature off.  

If you leave this feature ON, as the window will explain, you will recieve no notifications, no alarms, no calls, no nothing Until you have entered  your PIN.  

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