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Moisture Warning for Waterproof Phone?

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I was just wondering, if the Note 9 is so waterproof that you can dunk it under 30M of water for 30 minutes why is there a moisture warning? In addition, unless you exceed those limits water damage shouldn't be a thing, right? 

Is it waterproof or isn't it? Is it actually safe to use underwater? Or is the fact that you don't want to charge it/plug anything into it while it's wet the only reason it gives a moisture warning?

Sorry for asking but getting a moisture warning really threw me off.

They aren't truly waterproof, or they wouldn't need tabs inside the phone to indicate water damage, the phone just have better water ingress protection but not actual full waterproof
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Superuser I
It's 1.5meters up to 30min. WATER AND DUST RESISTANT.
The phone has the rating just in case it falls in to water an not for swimming with it or for taking some underwater shots.

The phone is just certified for clear Water without Salt or chlorine so it could be a problem.
And the moisture warning is just to protect your phone from damage when you plug it in.
You can wirelessly charge it if you want to other than that you got to wait.
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