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Hard reset - cannot sign back in to Samsung account

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Hello, my uk note 9 never liked web pages which included a log on field (eg banking) and would often just 'hang' at login or just not load at all. After a software update it got worse. I could not log in to certain apps too. A subsequent factory reset to try and resolve the issue has in turn stopped me logging in to the samsung account from the device ('processing failed') and some web sites requesting logon including the sign in page. I am logged in ok to google though. Data and signal are good enough for TV shows. I can log on to the samsung account from another device. Samsung call centres have so far have been unable to help. Any advice please?! I'd love to recover my stuff from the Samsung cloud and get my note 9 in good shape again. 


Hey @RobMLCW


I would like you to try this:


1. Log into your Samsung Account via a computer or any device.

2. Once there, go to security and enable the two steps verification feature.

3. Once done, go back to your phone and try to log in to your account following the steps listed on the screen.


Have you been able to sign in to this now?


Hello thank you :smiling-face: I already have 2fa set up. I logged in but haven't changed that setting - I don't think you can switch it off? But can switch to an authenticator app. I haven't ventured into that yet. Gone back to the n9 but still can't log it in to Samsung. 


You are very welcome, @RobMLCW .


Have you been able to check your Security Settings on your Account? If so, do you still having the same issue? 


If you can't sign in, please check your devices or Samsung account version. Sometimes the cause could be a temporary system error.


  • If you see an error message such as "An error occurred during an SSL connection" or "Sign in failed due to the difference between the current time and device time"
     Please check "Settings > Date and Time" on your device.
  • For security reasons, the Samsung Account requires the settings for date and time to be the same as the current date and time.

Hey thank you. I can check the Samsung account via my other device. It seems normal, I have 2fa already set up. 

I can't check the Samsung account version on my Note 9 as there seems to be no app to check.  I cannot get on to galaxy store to download it either. 

The only error I'm getting is 'processing failed' which is shown on the attached image...

Thank you




Does anyone at Samsung have a clue about this? The only solutions I can find are on random forums and don't seem to make sense. I've reset the phone for the third time deleting all accounts. But still I cannot sign it in to the Samsung account. I have reset my Samsung password, once in this process, and that hasn't worked either. 2fa is already set up. I seem to have run out of options and am sick of Samsung. I have new ish devices but think this might be the last. No one at Samsung seems to be able to answer this properly. I've run through it on the phone several times, no luck. 

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So i had the same problem with my Galaxy Note 9 and this is what i did.  I had my Samsung account tied to a yahoo email.  Trying to log into the Samsung account with my email and password (even a reset one) still left me not able to log in due to "process failed" and "wrong password" as users note above.  So, i created a Samsung account using the Google login option.  even though i used Google it still put me back to a login screen asking for an email and password.  i entered the email address associated to my Google account i just used to "sign-up" and then used the same password I used to reset my password associated with the email.  this  let me in and then prompted a 2fa session which i used with my mobile.  i got thru 2fA and then that put me back to the login screen.  I logged in again using google and then entered the same password and that got me to the Reset, Confirm Delete All, and then the full factory reset.  Hope this helps! 

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