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Galaxy Note 9 Region lock

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Hi everyone. 

I bought my wife the Note 9 form the UK for her birthday. She is currently in Asia for work. I posted it off as a surprise and didn't even think about the regional lock. So she has it, as awesome as it is she can't use any local sims just WiFi. I've read the usual fix was a local call for 5mins. But that would have to be in the UK and its too late for that. So other than her posting it back so I can make a call. Is there any other fix? 

Hi there, @JAMS1.

Unfortunately, this is the only option available. Check out this thread for more help:

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I have a related question. I bought a Note 9 direct from Samsung about a year ago, and have used it successfully with a UK Sim since then (so I should have gone well beyond the five minute call required). I'm about to go to Canada for a few weeks where my UK Sim will not work. My understanding is that my phone should work without any problems with the new Sim. Is that correct?


And for a follow-up question (which I'm sure plenty of other people have asked): why on earth was this restriction been introduced in the first place? It seems completely counter-productive to have a dual Sim phone that has a regional lock, at least from the stand point of a user...


Best wishes


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