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Galaxy Note 9 Region lock

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I've recently pre ordered a Note 9 in Malaysia, but I will be studying in Japan. Will I be able to use the phone in Japan straight out of other box? Or will it be region locked to Malaysia? Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated. 

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hi, I brought Samsung galaxy note 9 in Saudi arabia , I want to chek whether my phone is region lock or not,

because next week iam travelling to my home india, some one please help.

if it is region lock than how to unlock it.


Use it in Saudi first, also check box if it says anything on a sticker about region lock. Keep the original payment bill as Samsung India may help if need be.

@rahul1: In order to unlock your phone for use outside the region or origin you will be required to make a 5-10 minute cumulative call to a local number inside Saudi Arabia, using a SIM card from that region. If you aren't planning on using an Indian SIM then you can just roam on your existing network, however the above steps will be required if you want to switch. You will also need a network unlock code from your current network, which you can obtain by contacting them directly. Hope this helps.

On my galaxy note 9 box , it is clearly printed only for middle east .

I work here in ksa,

But my home is india, sure i have to use indian sim,when i go on vacation or permanently.

I carry my home (india) sim wherever i go.

Currently my home sim (india) is in my phone.

Sim is rejistered successfully,  network is also appearing on the top right corner.

Iam confused , from which sim i need to make call.

Saudi sim or indian sim

And where to make call  india or saudi



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